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A note from Sara:


The first time I ever danced the 5Rhythms, I felt all of life moving through me. I was not a dancer, but a young woman who felt so much, my intuition and heart led me and my feet barely touched the ground. I quickly discovered that, through movement, I’d found, without meaning to, a way to express, release and get grounded in my body, it was extremely satisfying. It was very powerful for me, ... still is.


Back then, I had never imagined that anything could catalyze my life the way this path has. When I found 5Rhythms I felt a knowing so subtle and clear that somehow it would be with me for the rest of my life and it has it has, everyday since. After dancing 1000's of dances through finding my fluidity and roots, my boundaries and surrendering on many dance floors, I am still deeply in love with this practice - and like any true love, it is my teacher. Like any practice worth it's mustard - it spreads out into all of my life holding me through it all. 


I have been so fortunate to have many teachers move me, inspire and challenge me since I stepped onto this dancing path. 

Now, I guide all kinds of people through the 5Rhythms Waves map and I witness lives changing and people courageously satisfying their hunger for a more authentic embodied experience of their lives. I bring all I have to the dance floor, including my total faith in this practice. I am so grateful to all of you who have stepped on to the dance floor with me, supported and encouraged me and been the only one in a class with me!

 It is an honor to share it with you.

~ Sara

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5Rhythms in the Gorge

Six years ago, Sara made the Columbia River Gorge her home. The Gorge is a dramatically beautiful landscape of rivers, desert, mountains, farms, wildflowers, and now a thriving 5Rhythms community - A community of individuals connected to themselves and each other through this soulful practice and the language of movement. People of all kinds need a place where it is safe to be real, where compassion and connection are valued, and where together we let the light and the dark shine equally, dancing all parts of being human.   That is what's happening here. 

Sara leads weekly classes and workshops, facilitates private events and one-on-one movement sessions in the Columbia River Gorge and beyond. 

The Gorge is a destination for students and guest teachers, a home, one of the many, for Gabrielle Roth's 5Rhythms Movement Practice.

"Image a teacher of the practice who models her own unique beauty and truth on the dance floor; who guides each student with a touch lighter than feathers and who creates a living work of art out of each and every wave she leads. Now. Now, you can begin to see how amazingly fortunate we all are to have Sara Mains teaching the 5Rhythms in the Columbia Gorge area."

Sherry Dell

"Sara Mains has awakened a pulse of healing in the Gorge. Her 'Sweat Your Prayers' is the backbone of my spiritual practice. I attend as many Sunday mornings as possible because Sara holds a space in which I can re embody myself, release pent up emotions, re enliven my being and celebrate in a safe, healing, high vibe community space! 5 Rhythms practice with Sara mains is a powerful effective addition to anyones life and path to healing and wholeness. She is full of beauty, inspiration and integrity, join her! Join us!!"

Katie Keath Silva

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For additional information on weekly classes and upcoming workshops use the link below. Please also join our Facebook community at 5Rhythms in the Gorge for all the real time details!

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