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What Do I Wear & Other Helpful Guidance

* Enter the dance floor in silence, no talking on the dance floor  

* Wear conformable clothes to move in 

* Please no perfumes or sent

* Barefoot or a dance shoe - no socks on the dance floor 

* Bring a water bottle

* Leep the dance floor clear of all personal items 

* No audio or visual recording devices or phones 

* Pace yourself, you can always slow down or participate at a pace that suites you.

* 5Rhythms is a practice, give yourself time to get to know it, keep coming to classes and discovering 

* Pay for your class with cash or check

* No gum

* Ages 16 and up

* No drugs or alcohol 

* Remember - we are moving energy, there are no steps to follow and anyone, any shape, any age can do this. 

"It is a gift to surrender to the dance floor, to feel my body as it is and to share my light with my tribe.  I am forever changed, utterly grateful and inspired every time."

Adrienne Lee


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